RPA Center of Excellence

Office Samurai would be happy to aide you in your journey by sharing knowledge and experience built over the years in other companies.

We would suport you and your organization in building the expertise, and creating, in a span of 12-18 months, a self-sufficient, self-sustaining Centre of Excellence.

6 key CoE building prerequisites:
1. Strategy
2. Resources
3. Methodology
4. Governance
5. Infrastructure
6. Communication and change management

How can we help?

1. Strategy

  • Workshops for managers responsible for the RPA programme implementation
  • Developing a model for the implementation of RPA locally, and in the entire global organization
  • Defining the management structure of the CoE (roles, RACI, TOM)

2. Resources

  • Building the business case
  • Preparing job descriptions for RPA team members
  • Support in recruitment and selection of candidates
  • Setting up roles and management structure
  • Basic and advanced developer trainings

3. Methodology

  • RPA project methodology (traditional or mixed approach) – document templates, project life cycle, roles description
  • Documentation and implementation of best practices and standards of robot design, development and implementation
  • Building the process of robust robot testing
  • Setting up a robot maintenance process

4. Governance

  • Methodology and system of identifying, evaluating and prioritizing ideas for automation
  • Support in the identification and analysis of 10 robotic processes
  • Building a system for monitoring projects and savings
  • Best practices in managing safety of RPA environment
  • Management of accesses and technical accounts
  • Incident management process

5. Infrastructure

  • Presentation of the corporate architecture of RPA solutions to the IT department
  • Decision on deployment model
  • Support in building an environment enabling the launch of multiple robots in parallel, with central management and monitoring
  • Support in the implementation of the platform
  • Support in conversations with IT

6. Communication and change management

  • RPA change management workshop for the RPA team
  • Creating a change management plan
  • Communication plan and schedule
  • “Robotic Roadshow” meetings for operational employees
  • „Dealing with change” trainings for employees

Would you like to know more?

Please let us know your need, and we will be happy to prepare an offer that fits your company.