Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Trainings

“Real change, starts with a change in thinking”
We conduct: introductory trainings on the subject of RPA, more advanced trainings for business analysts, for RPA developers and managers, all the way through workshops and mentoring for teams, and strategy sessions for management. We believe that in order for the RPA program to be successful, the organization on all levels should have adequate knowledge on how to effectively implement these solutions, and how to effectively work with people. On our trainings with passion we: teach, provide market experience and valuable tips, and inspire to develop the RPA program and skills.

Our open trainings

School of Robotic Process Automation Kraków (3 days, in Polish)

UiPath Developers training Warsaw (4 days, in Polish)

Our training offer

Would you like to order a training? Please let us know your need, and we will be happy to prepare a training offer fitted for your company's need.

Introduction to Robotic Process Automation

  • Robotization of Business Processes (What it is and what it is not)
  • Real life examples of robots use
  • Benefits and risks related to the implementation of RPA
  • How to choose processes for robotization
  • Models of program and robotization team  creation
  • A system for identifying, evaluating and prioritizing ideas for automation

Building the Strategy of RPA Implementation

  • Management of stakeholder needs (management, IT staff, employees, clients, external companies)
  • Effective change management
  • Work with resistance among employees.
  • RPA implementation tactics
  • Building a long-term company strategy
  • What  after RPA? – AI, machine learning

Identification and preparation of business processes workshop

  • Review together with the ordering party selected processes for automation
  • Creating simplified process maps (or their review and update, if any)
  • Discussing the changes needed in the processes before they are robotised
  • Discussion of documentation for RPA projects

RPA for Business analysts

  • The most common business difficulties in RPA implementation
  • How to prepare selected processes for robotization:
    • documentation (PDD, SDD, testy)
    • standards
    • robots access
    • process interfaces
  • Designing the exception handling process
  • Counting savings from a robotised process
  • Introduction to UiPath

UiPath foundation training

  • Introduction
  • Variables, data types and flows
  • Data manipulation
  • RPA process recording
  • The bot interaction with the graphical interface
  • Selectors
  • Text and image automation
  • Citrix automation
  • Excel integration and data tables
  • PDF files
  • Emails
  • code debugging and exceptions handling
  • Organization of the RPA developer’s environment
  • Repetition of the most important elements and the quiz

Advanced UiPath RPA developer training

Advanced training for developers who have undergone basic training and have worked at least 2-3 months to create bots

  • Robot design and architecture preparation (including a set of templates to be used)
  • Process documentation translation for the robot’s technical requirements
  • Defining robot components
  • Advanced techniques for creating robots in UiPath
  • Using a state machine in programming
  • Testing RPA solutions
  • Robots integration with a central module (UiPath Orchestrator)
  • Queues and events handling
  • Basics of UiPath infrastructure management (solution architecture, security, Orchestrator, Elastic Search and Kibana)

RPA development team mentoring

  • Review together with the whole team, production-operating robots and those in the process of creation
  • Improve the robots code with the RPA team
  • Discussions on effective and stable solutions (good practices)
  • Other consultations and questions commissioned by the interested party

Our Trainers

Andrzej Kinastowski

Dominik Jaskulski

Mchał Wolak

Andrzej has been assisting various SSCs and BPOs in improving their delivery in areas of Process Excellence, automation, robotics, analytics, leadership and strategy for the last 10+ years. Analyst. Programmer, certified RPA developer. A Lean in Office practitioner, big fan of Kaizen thinking. Believes that best processes and projects come from engaged leadership and empowerment of all employees. Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, experienced trainer, university lecturer, author. Co-founder of Service Process Improvement Network association and Office Samurai.

Dominik has over 8 years of experience in process automation and improvement. He worked as analyst, project leader and people manager for many polish and international organizations. Dominik has been building global structures (Mexico, Poland, Philippines, +20 people), setting up group-wide Automation Center of Excellence and supported several global restructuration and transformation programs. He holds diplomas in economics, finance, lean management and data mining. Dominik has experience in leading projects in HR, banking, finance, IT and NGO. As a fan of agile and lean philosophies, he tries to combine them both in daily work.

Runs consulting and implementation projects, provides training in Lean Management in both manufacturing and service companies (SSC and BPO). Experienced advisor, coach and consultant.
He shares his knowledge and skills by running trainings on Lean Management, Kaizen techniques, leadership skills, effective communication. Lecturer on Lean Management and Lean Office at Lean Management postgraduate studies at Wroclaw University of Economics, School of Economics and Informatics, European University and Jagiellonian University. Experienced conference speaker. Co-author of “Office Samurai – implementing Lean in the office”.

Would you like to order a training?

Please let us know your need, and we will be happy to prepare a training offer fitted for your company's need.