As a company specialising in automation, innovation and management consulting, we support and help accelerate projects related to the automation and robotisation of business processes. Our advisors have both broad knowledge of the process and technological experience. We apply individual approach to every project.


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We offer:

Advice on the selection of RPA solutions

There is a wide choice of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems. That is why choosing the best one is so difficult. As an independent, third-party solution provider, we examine the special process requirements of the RPA solution and which functions the automation system must offer. Then we will select the RPA system that is most suitable for your needs.

Advice on the RPA infrastructure

Each RPA solution must be individually tailored to the company's infrastructure if you want it make a significant contribution to its digitalisation strategy. Therefore, our experienced technology consultants create an IT infrastructure concept for the hardware and software requirements on the basis of which a resizable RPA solution can be successfully developed, implemented and run.

Audit and mentoring of RPA processes

We offer a comprehensive audit of RPA processes, in which we conduct interviews, workshops and training courses combined with an analysis of process correlations, as well as improve process optimisation and internal communication. Each audit is based on an individual approach to every customer. Thanks to that, we are able to recognise their specific needs and suggest the most optimal solution.

Consulting regarding CI/Lean Six Sigma

Introducing Lean Six Sigma changes the mindset of employees and managers so they focus on growth and continuous improvement through process optimisation. This change in the culture and mindset of the organisation maximises efficiency and increases profitability.

Support in creating Center of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence is responsible for all issues relating to the robotisation of business processes, primarily for the analysis of processes, the creation of robots and their subsequent modifications. CoE allows employees to participate in shaping processes, while for business this results in increased competitiveness and profitability.

Case Study

client from the accounting industry

In 4 months we helped our client (Polish accounting company) create their own RPA capabilities by providing to the company trainings, workshops, mentoring and development support. Internal developers created 5 robots within this time period and helped to reduced workload in various teams. Company created their own development team and made RPA a strategic project.

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