We focus on innovations that improve our clients work. We help to implement and achieve maximum benefits from Robotic Process Automation and Lean Management.


We are a team of professionals who are passionately looking for the best solutions for each client.

Andrzej Kinastowski Andrzej Kinastowski

Andrzej Kinastowski

Head of Delivery, Managing Partner
Dominik Jaskulski Dominik Jaskulski

Dominik Jaskulski

Business Development Manager, Managing Partner
Toma Vevelstad Toma Vevelstad

Toma Vevelstad

Business Partner, Office Samurai Nordics
Aleksandra Tomal Aleksandra Tomal

Aleksandra Tomal

Chaos Wizard
Dagmara Sysuła Dagmara Sysuła

Dagmara Sysuła

Customer Success Manager
Maria Musiał Maria Musiał

Maria Musiał

RPA Discovery & Change Lead
Marta Kopińska Marta Kopińska

Marta Kopińska

RPA Solution Architect
Sabina Szczepanek Sabina Szczepanek

Sabina Szczepanek

RPA Business Analyst
Kamil Miśko Kamil Miśko

Kamil Miśko

RPA Solution Architect
Dagmara Gwiazdoń Dagmara Gwiazdoń

Dagmara Gwiazdoń

RPA Developer & Business Analyst
Aleksandra Kwiecień Aleksandra Kwiecień

Aleksandra Kwiecień

RPA Developer
Aleksandra Landowska Aleksandra Landowska

Aleksandra Landowska

RPA Developer
Anna Maziarz Anna Maziarz

Anna Maziarz

RPA Developer & Business Analyst
Maciej Witos Maciej Witos

Maciej Witos

RPA Developer
Maria Wilczek Maria Wilczek

Maria Wilczek

RPA Developer
Witold Dankiewicz Witold Dankiewicz

Witold Dankiewicz

Junior RPA Developer
Tomasz Danielak Tomasz Danielak

Tomasz Danielak

Junior RPA Developer
Sławomir Majcher Sławomir Majcher

Sławomir Majcher

Junior RPA Developer
Konrad Mierzwa Konrad Mierzwa

Konrad Mierzwa

RPA Developer
Łukasz Madej Łukasz Madej

Łukasz Madej

RPA Solution Architect

Our services

Automation deployment

We use various platforms and technologies.

Data analytics

We help to build a business based on data.

Process improvement

We optimize office and back-office processes.


We provide RPA and Lean trainings.


We offer professional business consulting.

Body Leasing

We share our experts.

Machine Learning

We build machine learning models.

Process analysis

We map and build processes.


We sell RPA licenses.



Machine learning and chatbot


Optical character recognition


SAP Automation


Data analytics technology


Robotic Process Automation

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