Training schedule

2 days onsite training

- Winshuttle Studio Transaction module

- Agree and fix Use Cases trainees start to work on

2 week offline development

- Trainees start to work on the agreed use cases

2 days onsite training and mentoring

- Winshuttle Studio Query module

- Review scripts developed during offline practice, discuss obstacles,​ debug script collectively, correct mistakes


- Additional 2-days session with onsite mentoring and deployment support

- Additional online mentoring sessions (2 hours each)

Training program - day 1 - Transactions basics

01. Transaction Introduction

02. SAP Overview

03. Transaction Basics

04. Creating, Mapping and Running a Script

05. Additional Information

06. Runner and the Excel Add-In

07. How to Get Help

Objective - day 1

Record, map, troubleshoot and run a script using Winshuttle Transaction. Open and run a script using Winshuttle Runner.

Training program - day 2 - Transaction advanced

01. Query Introduction

02. Transaction Quick Review

03. Transaction Advanced

04. Long Text

05. Condition Statements

06. Multi Line Item Transactions (Loops)

07. Multi-Sheet Loops

08. Cell Based Mapping and Loops

09. Index Loops

10. Advanced Run Options Review

11. How to Get Help

Objective - day 2

Work with advanced features to further leverage Winshuttle Transaction against more complex business processes.

Training program - day 3 - Query

01. Query Introduction

02. Query Essentials

03. Creating, Mapping and Running a Query

04. Recording a Query

05. Alternate Data Sources

06. Additional Information

07. Runner and the Excel Add In

08. How to Get Help

Objective - day 3

Create, troubleshoot and run a query using Winshuttle Query.​ Open and run a query using Winshuttle Runner. Work with SAP data​ source types to further leverage Winshuttle Query against more complex​ business processes.

Trainer - Andrzej Kinastowski

Andrzej Kinastowski has been assisting various SSCs and BPOs in improving their delivery in areas of Process Excellence, automation, robotics, analytics, leadership and strategy for the last 10 years. Analyst and programmer. He’s a Lean in Office practitioner, big fan of Kaizen thinking. Believes that best processes and projects come from engaged leadership and empowerment of all employees. Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, experienced trainer. Lecturer on the University of Economics in Wrocław and School of Computer Science and Economics of Krakow. Co founder of Service Process Improvement Network association. Co author of "Office Samurai implementing Lean in the office".

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