RPA training for business analysts and project managers will allow participants to learn the basics of business process robotization and the methodology for implementing and managing RPA projects. Participants will gain an understanding of what RPA is and how to identify and prepare processes for automation. During the training they will become familiar with key concepts in IT, finance and documentation.


For whom? The recipients of our training are robotization teams and also people whose task is to identify processes for automation, prepare and document them, as well as manage the implementation of RPA projects.




After the training, the participant will receive

  • Certificate confirming the completion of the training and the achievement of new skills and knowledge (in Polish and/or English)

  • Training materials (presentation, sample documents etc.)

  • Knowledge of the basics of robotization of business processes, implementation and management of RPA projects, as well as practical skills that can be applied in everyday work

  • Opportunity to ask questions of the trainer after the training


Training program

Short introduction to RPA technology

Identification and preparation of processes for automation projects

Roles in the robotic program and projects

Methodology of RPA projects with following project lifecycle

How RPA projects can be run using Agile and Waterfall approach

Key templates and documents used during RPA projects

Access rights and account management

Business case calculation, calculation of project complexity and length

Monitoring of automation projects and savings

Combining Lean Management with RPA

IT Security for RPA

Change management - working with resistance among employees

Most common pitfalls during automation projects and how to avoid them

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