Training description

The training is conducted in the form of an interactive workshop where employees get numerous challenges to overcome using Blue Prism, supervised by trainers. Each 4 participants of the training require 1 trainer to ensure the highest quality of service.​ ​

In order to adapt the training to the Client`s needs, we will send detailed requirements for the elements to be prepared before the start of the training. To achieve the best fit of examples within the training, we conduct it on client  machines using real life examples from organization and prepare employees strictly for applications that are used in processes that can be potentially automated (if it is impossible, we prepare exercises on training applications).​

The training lasts 10 days.

Training and coaching - schedule

Week 1

3x 5 hour training + homework  1h

Week 2

3x 5 hour training + homework 2h

Week 3 - 7

3x 2 hours of coaching every two days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Week 8

Summary for management 1h

Training program - session 1

01. Examples of RPA implementations in different areas (Finance, HR, IT, Procurement, Sales, Operations, Client Services, etc.)

02. Which processes are good candidates for automation?

03. Process documentation

04. Introduction to Blue Prism

05. Design concept: objects and processes

06. Blue Prism native functions

- Datatypes

- Environment and session variables

- Process flow through decision, choice stages and sub-pages

- Global Send Keys and Global Send Key Events

- Attributes

- Debugging

- Exception handling

- Wait stages: how to use them, when to use arbitrary waits

Training program - session 2

01. Blue Prism standard process templates

02. Sensitive data handling

03. Process exposure to Control Room

04. Object exposure

05. Collections and Loops

06. Browser and JavaScript automation

07. Interfacing with PDF documents

08. Work queues; creation and administration. Functionality in Control Room

Training program - session 3

01. Advanced exception handling and work queues

02. Credentials Management and Login Agent

03. SAP automation

04. Development best practice

05. Introduction to Java automation

06. Introduction to Web services

07. Introduction to Surface Automation

08. Most common pitfalls during automation projects and how to avoid them

Trainer - Andrzej Kinastowski

Andrzej Kinastowski has been assisting various SSCs and BPOs in improving their delivery in areas of Process Excellence, automation, robotics, analytics, leadership and strategy for the last 10 years. Analyst and programmer. He’s a Lean in Office practitioner, big fan of Kaizen thinking. Believes that best processes and projects come from engaged leadership and empowerment of all employees. Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, experienced trainer. Lecturer on the University of Economics in Wrocław and School of Computer Science and Economics of Krakow. Co founder of Service Process Improvement Network association. Co author of "Office Samurai implementing Lean in the office".

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