How to start with RPA training is a comprehensive and practical training course that will introduce participants to the basics of business process robotisation.  During the training, participants will have the opportunity to learn what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is and where it is applied, how to identify processes to be robotised and what tools can be used for this purpose. Participants will also learn how to set up an RPA team in their organisation.


For whom? An introductory training course designed for executives, IT managers implementing a robotisation programme and future RPA teams.


After the training, the participant will receive

  • Certificate confirming the completion of the training and the achievement of new skills and knowledge (in Polish and/or English)

  • Training materials (presentation, sample documents etc.)

  • Knowledge of the basics of robotic process automation and practical skills that can be applied in everyday work

  • Opportunity to ask questions of the trainer after the training

Training programme

What is (and what is not) Robotic Process Automation

Real examples of robot use

Benefits and risks related to the implementation of RPA

How to identify processes for robotization

RPA market overview

Models of automation program governance

Creation of RPA Team

Communication and how not to scare employees

Most common pitfalls and how to avoid them

RPA and Intelligent Automation – what should be the next steps

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