UiPath Advanced Training for Developers is for people who want to deepen their knowledge of business process robotization. During the training, participants will learn advanced robot development techniques and how to effectively manage the UiPath environment. The training is conducted in a workshop format, so participants will gain practical skills in RPA best practices and robot maintenance.


For whom? RPA developers with a minimum of 3 months of experience. All participants should have developed at least a few robots before the training.




After the training, the participant will receive

  • Certificate confirming the completion of the training and the achievement of new skills and knowledge (in Polish and/or English)

  • Training materials (presentation, sample documents etc.)

  • Knowledge of advanced robot development techniques in UiPath and practical skills that can be applied in daily work

  • Opportunity to ask questions of the trainer after the training

Training programme

Preparation of RPA project and robot architecture

Definition of bot components

Efficient use of exception handling – try/catch activity

Best practices of bot design and development

Usage of state machine and ReFramework structures

Bots testing and troubleshooting

Dealing with queues and events

Safe and secure credentials handling

Audit of already created robots, including recommendations for adjusting them to best practices

Bot ‘shepherding’ in Orchestrator

UiPath environment management (security, reporting, management of Orchestrator)

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