Winshuttle Studio Foundation Training is ideal for those who want to learn the basic techniques for automating business transactions and importing business data from SAP using Winshuttle Studio. During the training, participants will gain a working knowledge of how to record, map, troubleshoot and run scripts in Winshuttle Studio.


For whom? The training is intended for beginner RPA developers. No prior development experience is required, but we suggest selecting people with a "technological" flair.




After the training, the participant will receive

  • Certificate confirming the completion of the training and the achievement of new skills and knowledge (in Polish and/or English)

  • Training materials (presentation, sample documents etc.)

  • Knowledge of recording, mapping, troubleshooting and running scripts using Winshuttle Studio to automate business transactions and import business data from SAP

  • Practical skills that can be applied in everyday work

  • Opportunity to ask questions of the trainer after the training

Training schedule

2 days onsite training

  • Winshuttle Studio Transaction module

  • Agree and fix Use Cases trainees start to work on

2 weeks offline development

  • Trainees start to work on the agreed use cases

2 days onsite training and mentoring

  • Winshuttle Studio Query module

  • Review scripts developed during offline practice, discuss obstacles, debug script collectively, correct mistakes


  • Additional 2-days session with onsite mentoring and deployment support

  • Additional online mentoring sessions (2 hours each)

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