RPA Developers Training Program "From zero to hero" is designed to transform individuals with no previous experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into independent RPA developers capable of creating robust, stable, and easily maintainable automations. The program is structured around a comprehensive curriculum that covers the essential concepts, tools, and best practices in RPA development.


For whom? Technical RPA Team members that will be engaged in robots’ development.





After the training, the participant will receive

  • Certificate confirming the completion of the training and the achievement of new skills and knowledge (in Polish and/or English)

  • Training materials (presentation, sample documents etc.)

  • Knowledge of the robotic process automation and practical skills that can be applied in everyday work

  • Opportunity to ask questions of the trainer after the training

Learning modes

01. Training & self-learning mode – classroom trainings intertwined with self-learning done with on-line materials. Trainees attend 5 two-day classroom trainings (total of 10 training days over two calendar months) and have a week of self-learning between each classroom training to go through e-learning courses. This course runs for two calendar months.


02. Training, self-learning, practice & mentoring mode – model above, with additional four weeks of assisted practice (real life automation cases each trainee gets and works on between trainings). In this model attendees are assisted by an experienced developer, who aides them on day-to-day basis between classroom trainings.  This course runs for three calendar months. It maximizes competency, and ensures your employees get experience necessary to become independent and reliable developers.


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