We’re gradually implementing the automation of business processes using RPA technologies and tools that will work best for your organisation. Automation of processes reduces costs, increases efficiency and improves the performance of processes. If you wish to have more and more satisfied customers, you need to start focusing on process excellence and process automation is a simple and effective way to start walking this path.




within 3 years

Is it worth automating?

Of course it is! Once you automate your business processes, you can expect many benefits. First of all, improved access will result in a boost in your productivity. Cloud-based process automation tools store data in a central database. It helps you access your data from any location, whenever you need it. What’s more, your business processes will become more transparent. In the long-term perspective, you will also notice shorter times of execution and a reduction in costs, thanks to fewer manual operations. Eventually, a business process automation system will enable increased business performance as it is based on the idea of continuous improvement and therefore the level of efficiency will rise.

Case study

client from the "Home Improvement" industry

Our company supported company in making first steps with RPA and later to scale up global automation program. Office Samurai consultants helped organization in installing and setting up whole robotic environment (UiPath Orchestrator), analyze processes for automation and developed the robots. Initial development during Proof of Value project paid back in few months and reassured the organization that RPA is a good direction.

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