We’ve been practising improving processes for many years. We’re building completely new and improved processes but also identify, analyse and enhance existing business processes to optimise efficiency, comply with best practices or simply improve the quality of user experience.

How can you benefit from improving processes?

01. Minimise mistakes

02. Reduce waste

03. Enhance productivity

04. Increase efficiency




Methods and ideas for improving processes that we use in our work:

Lean Management

It’s a method of managing and organising work to improve the performance of the company, in particular the quality and profitability of production processes.


It’s a strategy in which employees at all levels of the company actively cooperate to regularly and progressively improve processes in the organisation. In a sense, Kaizen combines the collective skills and abilities within a company to create a powerful engine leading to perfection.

Six Sigma

It's a method that provides organisations with the tools to improve business process performance. Increased productivity and decreased process variability helps to lead to reduction of errors and increasing of profits, as well as to greater employee morale and quality of products and services.

Lean Six Sigma

It is a methodology of process improvement designed to eliminate problems, remove waste and inefficiencies, as well as to improve working conditions in order to provide a better response to customers’ needs. It merges the tools, methods and principles of Lean and Six Sigma into one mainstream and powerful methodology of improving an organisation's processes.

Case study

client from the transport industry

We are supporting truck driver payroll processing company in identifying, preparing and developing RPA robots. Thanks to our consultants, first automated process has been delivered already during first month of cooperation. Company with our help redesigned their core processes, making them more efficient not only because of automation but also due to various process improvements and changes.

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