We offer the implementation of off-the-shelf RPA bot components that enable communication with electronic banking systems. Our bots can perform all operations permitted by a given banking system (downloading statements, checking account history, loading transfers, verifying balances, etc.). This allows to connect any kind of internal system (CRM / ERP / financial systems, etc.) with banking systems and implement an end-to-end automation process. The client has the option to configure the bot's operation and define additional reports or information to be generated by the bot once the process is completed.

API integration with banks also allows to:

01. order inter-bank transfers

02. order European transfers

03. order foreign currency transfers (foreign and domestic)

04. order card blocking or cancelling


The range of operations allowed may vary from bank to bank.

List of banks with ready-made integration solutions:

01. mBank

02. ING Bank Śląski

03. PEKAO S.A.

What are the benefits of API integration with banks?

Time savings for the employees of the accounting and treasury services teams

Improvement of the quality of processes and minimisation of the risk of errors

Increased frequency of data synchronisation up to several times a day

Increased work efficiency

More efficient management of the company's financial resources

Monitoring of all bank accounts of the company


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