As part of Process Discovery, we carry out a methodological, detailed analysis of business processes in a specific area of the organisation. Its purpose is to verify the potential for robotization and create a list of projects to be implemented. In addition, we come up with a list of recommendations of proposed changes or improvements in the processes in question. The scope of the project may cover several teams as well as entire departments. Process Discovery helps to determine processes that can be improved or automated with given technologies.


processes analysed

as part of Process Discovery

Main objectives

01. Determination whether a process needs optimisation, standardisation or is ready for automation
02. Identification of the processes to be automated
03. Determination of project priorities and their level of complexity
04. Identification of the best technology to use in a given case

What are the benefits of Process Discovery?

01. Ready-made list of processes for automation along with their prioritisation

02. Possibility to prepare an actual business case and determine the financial outlays required for project implementation

03. Better understanding of the processes in the organisation

04. Selection of the optimal automation technology in a given case

05. Identification of areas that require process changes or improvements

06. Identification of the processes that have not been reported by operational staff, thanks to the "top-down" approach

In addition to conventional process analysis, we also support our clients with Process Mining and Task Mining that can optimise the analysis process and increase its scope. In this area, we cooperate with UiPath and


High-level scanning of the selected area

  • Examination of organisational structure
  • Identification of target processes for detailed analysis
  • Educating employees on RPA

Process analysis and evaluation

  • Interviews and meetings with individuals responsible for selected processes
  • Detailed walk-through of the entire process ("workshadowing")
  • Recording the process on videos

Analysis of the process' current condition

  • Assessment of business benefits for each process
  • Prioritising processes based on benefits and project workload
  • Approval of the final list in consultation with the management


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