Our robot verifies the validity of the company's data and the creditworthiness of your vendors in selected portals. The collected information can be presented in the form of a report or input directly into the ERP or CRM system.


What can the robot automatically check about a verified contractor? 

01. The company's credit score in any system or service provided by a third party 

02. Recent registration changes in the company (change of the owner, management, representatives, etc.)

03. Verification of the company proxies' data

04. Mode of representation (eligibility of a proxy, business associates)

05. Information on the bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings

06. Information on the commencement of liquidation

07. VAT payer status

08. Date and reason for removal from the VAT register

09. The approved bank account number on the whitelist

... and more!


What are the benefits carried by the credit verification of a contractor? 

01. Active management of the credit limits for contractors

02. Early identification of the contractors who are at risk of bankruptcy

03. Decrease of the risk of a transaction with dishonest or fictitious business associates

04. Decrease of the financial risk - loss of money or goods 


Which systems do we have integrations with? 

01. National Debt Register 

02. Creditreform.de

03. The VAT Information Exchange System 

04. Central Statistical Office 

05. Central Register and Information on Economic Activity 

06. National Court Register (API is additionally paid)

07. We can create integrations or connections to any other system or website


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