What is KSeF?

The Polish e-Invoice System (pl. Krajowy System e-Faktur - KSeF) is an electronic system used to exchange VAT invoices between taxpayers and tax authorities. VAT invoices are sent by taxpayers via special software or through third-party software.

From January 1, 2022, using KSeF is optional. From January 1, 2024, electronic invoicing via KSeF will be mandatory.

What is it and how can our ready-made UiPath connector help?

The UiPath connector provides API-based integration between UiPath and the Polish KSeF system. It allows you to use its key functionalities, thanks to which you will be able to automate any invoicing process. Your robot will be able to handle all the necessary functionalities to communicate with the KSeF system.


Key functionalities:

01. Providing user the ability to choose between all types of environments: Test, Demo and Prod

02. Establishing an interactive session using a previously generated token

03. Send invoices in XML format

04. Download a single invoice in XML format

05. Download an invoice package in ZIP format

06. Retrieving information about issued and received invoices in the KSeF system according to selected criteria

07. Generating a confirmation of receipt (pl. Urzędowe Potwierdzenie Odbioru - UPO) of sent invoices.

What are the benefits of using the connector?

The basic version, with full functionality, is free of charge

Easy integration with ERP

UiPath bots can work without the need for changes in the ERP system or the use of expensive, additional IT systems

Short implementation time

The connector is ready, just download and use it!

High flexibility

Your RPA team can freely configure the robot to meet the needs of current financial processes

High level of automation

A well-designed process of receiving and sending invoices will allow you to achieve a high degree of automation


We have tested that in a demo system, the connector can handle an average of 1000 invoices in 5 minutes. The speed at which invoices are sent and received depends on the bandwidth of KSeF. Sending invoices in packages can increase this speed

How to start using the KSeF connector?

01. Go to the Marketplace UiPath and download the free connector or choose a paid option with support

02. Analyse your AS-IS invoice processes (their current shape) and plan what changes are needed to use KSeF

03. Check out the resources available on Marketplace. KSeF has full documentation explaining its functionalities and parameters.

04. In case of questions or problems - Office Samurai will be happy to support the implementation, help define the process or conduct the necessary training

As Office Samurai, we have created a free UiPath connector to KSeF. There is also a paid version, which includes consultations, maintenance support and additional functionalities. Please check it on UiPath Marketplace!


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